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This is an audio book on the abridged version of the story titled 'Yathni's Travel to Kailash'

Yathni's Travel to Kailsh (Abridged)

This is an abridged version of a story based on Hindu mythology and is a mixture of facts and fiction. While giving a number of anecdotes from Hindu mythology, the story takes one to the North Pole, the Moon and the outer space and beyond.

This is an audio book on a short story relating to the game of cricket

The Utopian Cricket Team

This book is a fiction based on cricket. As indicated in the title of this book, it is an utopian thought of looking at the game of cricket. The idea is to have a humorous way of looking at the sport from the point of view of other professional fields.

The term ‘Utopia’ comes from the work of Thomas More, where it is used to mean both an ideal society and also one that doesn't exist anywhere.

This is an audio book on 'An Introduction to Intellectual Property Rights'

An Introduction toItellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property is a subject of recent origin. It refers to the ownership of intangible and non-physical goods. The book gives a brief outline as to what are the various facets of Intellectual Property and how to protect them from possible exploitation.

This is an audio book on the story titled' Paradise comes to Mylapore'

Paradise comes to Mylapore

Mylapore is one of the important areas of the metropolitan city of Chennai in India. It is an area which is famous for temples, churches and other religious and cultural places. It is also historically, culturally and traditionally a very ancient place. This book is a story revolving around this place and mentioning also about the significance of Pitru Paksha or the Mahalayam ceremony.

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