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Lord Ganesha Giving handshake to Yathni.

Yathni's meeting of Ganesa in 'Yathni's Travel to Kailash'


I am a retired Deputy Secretary to the Government of India. I reside in Bengaluru city of Karnataka State in India.


In this site primarily I propose to introduce my books, audio books and other creations based on whatever little bit I know about the various aspects of the Hindu religion. I also propose to share my likings on certain works of literature in English Language and the Sanskrit Language.


The religion is called as Sanatana Dharma though generally it is known as Hinduism. It is an ancient one, sanatana meaning ancient. Its foundations are the eternal and super-sensuous truths discovered by ancient Indian sages. These are called the Vedas. According to the teachings of the Vedas, there is one and only one God and by his mere will, he manifests himself as this universe. Creation, preservation and dissolution of this universe are considered as the three basic aspects of God which are represented by the Trinity called as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. There are also other deities to personify the various other endless powers and aspects of God. Thus, the religion is both pantheistic and polytheistic. ​I welcome you to visit the site to know about my books and the audio books.


My daughter Nithya Venkataraman and my son-in-law Anand Kumar Narayanan will also be making their contributions on different fields in this site.​


M. Venkataraman

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