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Book on Service matters in jobs in Government of India.

Book titled 'Service matters in Central Government Jobs'

A number of persons are joining the services under the Government of India periodically. When they initially join Government Service, it may appear to them as though things in office are difficult and incomprehensible. But, after learning a few basic things relating to the job, their confidence level will increase. Thereafter, they will start learning the intricacies of their job. This is the job specific experience, which every individual undergoes after entering service.


But there is a subject, common to all government employees, which they will be eager to learn as soon as they enter service. This subject relates to their recruitment, their perquisites, their seniority, their promotion prospects, the leave facilities, the retirement benefits, conduct, discipline etc. In fact, most of the candidates seeking entry into Government Service will be interested to know, at least briefly, some of these issues even before joining service. But, many Government Servants do not get opportunities to learn most of these things for quite some time in their career. This subject is commonly called as ‘Service matters’ (also known as ‘Personnel matters’).


Service matters in Government cover a wide area and each area consists of a number of rules, innumerable orders, court judgements, instructions, clarifications etc. Further, the words used in government rules, regulations, instructions etc are complex and lengthy. New entrants as well as prospective entrants to the job may find them not only difficult to locate but also difficult to comprehend. The aim of this book is to give at one place a very brief and simple account of some of these service matters in an introductory way for the benefit of the new entrants, the prospective entrants and also the existing employees.


But there is a word of caution. This back is somewhat out of date. Subsequent to the publication of this book there are many changes in the pay structure etc of Government employees on the basis of Pay Commission recommendations. Yet it will be useful to know something broadly about service matters in Government by reading this book.

Number of Pages: 160

MRP:  Rs 150/-

ISBN: 9788191045765

Sale Price: Rs 75/-

Contact: M. Venkataraman

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