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Ram Stuti

One of the important facets of the Indian way of life is the Bhajan. Bhajan is any type of devotional song and has no fixed form. It is normally lyrical, expressing love for the Divine. The term bhajanam is a Sanskrit word which means reverence or what is called Bhakti or devotion. As a bhajan has no prescribed form, or set rules, it is in free form. It belongs to a genre of music and arts that developed during the time of the Bhakti Movement that spread from the south of India throughout the entire subcontinent during the Moghul era. Anecdotes and episodes from scriptures, the teachings of saints and descriptions of gods have all been the subject of bhajans. There are different styles and there are a number of composers in various Indian languages.


This stuti is a bhajan composed by Saint Tulsidas on Lord Rama in the Sanskrit language. This is rendered by Nithya Venkataraman.

Muddugare Yashoda- Saint Annamacharya

Saint Annamacharya is a poet–Saint of the fifteenth century. This song Muddugare Yashoda is a bright, simple song composed by him in Telugu. Here, Annamacharya draws upon the nine gems known as navaratnas to praise the young Krishna. In this process he makes references to many popular incidents from Krishna’s childhood and adolescence.

The navaratnas are a collection of nine gemstones that have a unique cultural significance in India and beyond. They are: the ruby, the pearl, the red coral, the emerald, the yellow sapphire, the diamond, the blue sapphire, the hessonite and the cats eye.

The Poet-Saint describes Lord Krishna as the pearl of the courtyard of Yashoda, the Ruby in the palm of every shepherd-woman, the strong Diamond that vanquished the stubborn Kamsa and the Emerald bead that radiates through the three worlds. He goes on to say that to Rukmini in amorous love-play, his lips seem as bright red as the coral; that in lifting the Govardhana hill, he is firm like the hessonite; and that in between his conch and discus, his face shines eternally like the cat’s eye.

He is the yellow Sapphire that spread over the Serpent Kalinga; He is the Blue Sapphire, reigning over the Venkata Hills. And he stands out as the Divine jewel among the treasures of the milky ocean.

Hear this bhajan from Nithya Venkataraman.

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