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Utopian Cricket Team.
The Utopian Cricket Team

This book is a fiction based on cricket. As indicated in the title of this book, it is a utopian thought of looking at the game of cricket. The idea is to have a humorous way of looking at the sport from the point of view of other professional fields. The term ‘Utopia’ comes from the work of Thomas More, where it is used to mean both an ideal society and also one that doesn't exist anywhere.

Yathni's Travel to Kailash.
Yathni's Travel to Kailash
(Abridged Edition)

This book is an abridged edition of the main book titled ‘Yathni’s Travel to Kailash’, a story based on Hindu mythology published in 2012. It is a mixture of facts and fiction. In the main book, quotations are given from the religious texts and other literature from various languages- English, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarathi and Hindi. Containing anecdotes from Hindu mythology, the story takes one to the North Pole, the Moon, the outer space and beyond. In this process matters of educational interest like climate change, space science etc are given with colourful illustrations. Yathni is a little girl studying in Fifth Grade. She is a devotee of Lord Ganesha. Impressed by her devotion and conduct, Ganesha takes her on an excursion to Kailash. Ganesha brings the Pushpaka Vimanam-the celestial airplane- to take Yathni to Kailash. On the way, there are two halts-one at the North Pole and another at Moon. Based on the available facts, a broad picture about the Arctic region, the endangered species like the Polar Bear, facts about Moon and the lunar missions have been explained. Then she goes to Kailash. This is not Mount Kailash on the Himalayas. But it is something found in Hindu scriptures. I have used my imagination based on scriptures to explain this place. Here Yathni has an audience with Lord Shiva. Thereafter, she is taken to Devalokam, the world of gods. Here she is entertained with a dance drama from Bhattathri's Narayaneeyam. Basic awareness material about global warming, climate change, pollution, endangered species, biodiversity etc and the need for the protection of the environment have been interwoven periodically in the story. The book is for all type of readers and especially for youngsters above ten years of age.

Printed copies of the main book are available with me and those who desire to get them may write to me at

Paradise comes to Mylapore.
Paradise comes to Mylapore

Viswam is a resident of Mylapore which is a place in the city of Chennai in India. Mylapore is an area famous for temples, churches and other religious and cultural places and is also historically, culturally and traditionally a very ancient one. It was a time of Dasara, one of the important festival of the Hindus. Immediately prior to the beginning of Dasara, there is a period of fifteen days known as Mahalayam also called as Pitrupaksha. It is a fortnight of ancestors and people having faith in the Vedic religion used to perform certain religious austerities. Viswam is making arrangements for performance of these austerities. Vishnu Sarma is the father of Viswam who passed away two years before. He comes to Viswam’s place on the earth in a group along with his family and friends from the world of the ancestors to take part in the acceptance of the austerities being performed by his son. These ancestors, who are dead and gone, are coming in their subtle bodies invisible to people on earth. Vishnu Sarma also brings along with him the English poets William Wordsworth and Alfred Tennyson from their place in the Paradise. Vishnu Sarma takes them along to the various places in Mylapore. How does Wordsworth and Tennyson experience their visit to Mylapore? What is the significance of these austerities? What is the greatness of the temples and other places in Mylapore? Listen to this story and enjoy.

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