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A Brief insight on Copyright in India.

Book titled 'A Brief Insight on Copyright in India'

Intellectual Property is a subject of recent origin. It refers to the ownership of intangible and non-physical goods. It results from the expression of an idea. It is the property of the mind or a proprietary knowledge. Since it is the property of the mind, the moment it is divulged, the benefits arising from these ideas can be enjoyed by others. The concept of intellectual property provides that certain products of human intellect should be given the same protective rights that apply to physical properties. This right is the ‘Intellectual Property Right’. Copyright is one of the subject matters of Intellectual Property Rights.

Copyright is an exclusive right given by law for a certain number of years to an author, composer etc. (or his assignee) to print, publish and sell copies of his original work. It can be defined as the legal right to be the only one to reproduce, publish, and sell a book, musical recording, etc., for a certain period of time.


This book deals rather extensively on the subject of copyright in India along with case laws.

Number of Pages: 142

MRP: Rs 225/-

ISBN: 9781520105840

Sale price Rs 150/-

Contact: M. Venkataraman


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